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Welcome on this website dedicated to Grand Prix 4. Our goal is to help you to configure your game. You can join us in our championship. How can I use Grand Prix 4? What are the championships? Now, these questions have an answer.
Grand Prix Formule 1

Sepang (kuala Lumpur)



Name: Sepang (Kuala Lumpur)
Checksum: ffc72bd6
Code: 679


Date: 29/01 to 04/02/2007
Weather: dry
See qualifs


Date: 04/02 to 11/02/2007
Length: 30%
Weather: dry
No physics
See race

Hotlaps Competition

Hockenheim 2006

Time left: 0m 0j 4h0m


Name: Hockenheim 2006
Checksum: 0f94295e
Download track


Date: 12/02 to 18/02/2007
Weather: wet (100%)
Seed : 42811,25190,

No physics
See hotlap



Montreal : qualifications

A propos de l'article

The 2007 season of the CVGPi is launched...
Photo © MiKL

Publié le dimanche 21 janvier 2007
Auteur: Mickaël R.


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Montreal : qualifications

Français / English 
The 2007 season of our championship is launched! 
What are we going to live this year? 
What performances our drivers will be able to realize? 
Who will be the champions? On the podiums? 
Last week, on the opening GP in Montreal, we had some elements of answer... What a great start! 
A high level since the beginning of the week! 
And already 58 drivers on the grid (record)! 


Pole-position : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", en 1'10.920 
2nd : Mattéo Keersmaekers, +0.397s 
3nd : TRoman Ivanov "RrrACErrR", +0.818s 
Best T1 : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", en 0'27.443 
Best T2 : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", en 0'24.658 
Best T3 : Hans Kly "Kly", en 0'18.374 
Theoric perfect lap : 1'10.475 




How did you spend this qualification session? Are you happy with your time? 
Hi! Firstly I want to excuse me for my late response! I’m very happy with my time. My aim was to get a low 1.11, but it turned out to be a high 1.10. My qualification session couldn’t go better, I was immediately fast, and I didn’t loose this pace during the whole week. 
Did you expect such a result? better? 
I expected to make a time under the 1.11.2xx. If I had done this time, I would already be very happy. A better result could only be achieved by driving some more, but I didn’t have the time to do that! 
How do you feel the coming race? 
I’ve a very good feeling for the race. I’ve been very constant during my tests, so I expect to get a very stable and fast race. 
Do you think your will confirm by a good result? 
The car is setup in a good way, so I guess I can maintain my pace I showed the last days. If I WILL confirm it is not 100% sure, but I surely CAN have a good result! 


How did you spend this qualification session? Are you happy with your time? Did you expect such a result? better? 
I tested quite a lot for this qualification session to do the best I can. I'm very happy with this result but I think I could be 0,1 or 0,2 faster, but even then I wouldn't be on P1 so... I really didn't expect this result cause I started playing again for about a week now.  
How do you feel the coming race? Do you think your will confirm by a good result? 
I dont know what I should expect from the race because it has been so long that I drove one :-) I hope I can do a good race and stay on P2, but we will see about that in the race;-)  
Thank you ;) 


How did you spend this qualification session? Are you happy with your time? Did you expect such a result? or better? 
My qualify was pretty short. In last LFRS Race I gave my pedals to my friend to let him end the race, cause his pedals crashed. So I drove CVGPi qualify with keys which are most often used by me :) I did key WR (= World Record), but understood that anyway it is not enough to be even in top 10.  
So I took my pedals back and drove a little time with wheel too. Pity my throttle pedal also crashed so I had to use a button at wheel for acceleration.  
It was damn hard, but I did a very good lap with PB (= personnal best) at S2. Pity I did a big mistake in last chicane, and lost more than 0.4, but anyway I'm satisfied with this result. 
I'll try to improve this hotlap when do something with pedal. If nothing can be done, I think I will drive race with keys. 
How do you feel the coming race? Do you think your will confirm by a good result? 
Yeah I think I can do a good race to be on podium. I like Montreal, always was fast here, but often unlucky with the walls. But I will be carefull, I usually have no problems with walltouching. 
Thank you Roman! Good luck for the race! 
Thank you too, good luck in the race! :) 

Have good races!

Thank you for your answers... Have good races! ;) 
Reminder: 30%, 21 laps, dry track. 
Your reporter in Montreal...