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Grand Prix Formule 1

Magny-cours 2005



Name: Magny-Cours 2005
Checksum: 9ec8c399
Code: 381
Download track


Date: 19/02 to 25/02/2007
Weather: dry
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Date: 25/02 to 04/03/2007
Length: 30%
Weather: dry
No physics
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The Sepang GP

A propos de l'article

Le Grand Prix de Sépang...
Photo © Gogo & TeeT

Publié le vendredi 23 février 2007
Auteur: Mickaël R.


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The Sepang GP

Français / English 
Hello all!  
I'm in live from the Sepang track where the fight was splendid between all the pilots, there was suspens until the lowering of the flag! I'll park my car, took off my suit and take my mike.  
I move towards the exit of the paddock to try to interview some pilots and the winner... 
The door opens... 


Pôle-position : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", in 1'31.067 
Victory : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", in 26'42.618 
2nd : Roman Ivanov "RrrACErrR", in 26'54.725 (+ 12.113s)  
3th : Vincent Thuillier "Vincent", in 26'59.413 (+ 16.801s)  
Unique leader of the race:  
- Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent" (the 17 laps) 
Best race lap : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", In 1'33.289 
Best S1 : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", in 31.942 
Best S2 : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", in 31.146 
Best S3 : Laurent Keersmaekers "Laurent", in 30.201 
Theoric perfect lap : 1'33.289 








A big regret that the winner of the race did not pas to say a little word in  
my mike! ;)


Hi Roman, What a race for this second track of the season, you climb on the second step of the podium!!! What's your impressions on this GP? 
The race was my debut with the wheel without SH. I really enjoyed it, but had no time to practice, so drove only 1 race without any practice, so I was able to find my pace only in the second half. But at mistakes I lost not more than I lost at finish. 
You've now got 37 more points and you take the second place in the general rankings, it's a good news not? 
Well, yeah, but actually I stop participating in this Championship, because GPC and RGP4C champs will start soon and I just have no time to drive in 3 championships. That's pity, but I must work and study too.  
Roman, you finish second today on this track which is well known to be difficult and technical, what do you think about it? 
This track is good for starting driving without SH, cause it is pretty wide. Some corners are very very difficult, but I know this track well, so I hadn't serious problems, the only problems I had were with CC's at the first laps of the race. 
Laurent is first at 12 seconds in front of you, it's a motivation for you to do even better for the next time? 
I was a little slower, but in pace, with same consistency as Laurent, and that's really great for me, I think I'm able to do better in future, we'll see. 


Hi Vincent, What a race for this second track of the season, you finish third!!! What's your impressions on this GP? 
Excellent ! I worked hardly in order to get this result ! My Team mate, Pat, gave me a great setup for my car. Without him, I wouldn't be able to be as fast ! The race has been realy nice for me, I enjoyed myself ! I hope I will be able to get some other podium during the next of the season ! 
You've now got 33 more points and you take the fourth place in the general rankings, it's a good news not? 
Yes, it's a great news ! But it's too soon to take care of the championship's classification. I will do my best, and we will see what I will be able to target forthe final classification ! 
RRoman Ivanov finishes the race in front of you at 4.6 seconds, it's a motivation for you to do even better for the next time? 
I don't know so much Roman, I 've just hearing about him as an international driver. At all events, he's extremely fast. I have to be really enjoyed to be close to him, but the gap which split both of us is, as to me, difficult to fill ! 
Your qualification time did not allow you to distinguish you from the others. How do you explain this in comparison with the race which you've just achieved? 
It's always the same things ! I start driving too late in the week. I'm used to don't give my best during qualifications. I always used to be a little best in race, and fortunately, it's in the race that we can get lot of points ! 


Hi J-Pierre, what a race for this second track of the season!!! What's your impressions on this GP? 
This track is very nice with fast sequences, on the other hand I find it very difficult in race because it slips a lot and it's hard to find the pace, but what a pleasure !!!! 
You've now got 29 more points and you stay in the top 3 in the pilots rankings, it's a good news not? 
Yes, for the moment I'm at an honourable third place, but I'm afraid because at front it really go too fast, I dont see how to precede them. 
You're not too disappointed of passed next to the podium? 
It's always frustrating to be fourth, but it's better than fifth no? 
What do you think about your car on this track? For you, and of your position, did your car had the best tuning or it's possible to improve for the next race? 
The car was good but it's difficult to find the grip on this track. For the tuning there are so much possibilities that it's hard to know if we was at the maximum of the car, i think we can always improve. that known, it was not badly!!!! 


Here are some crazys to supervise closely !  
Cheer at all the pilots who took part in this superb race because a gp does not make himself only with three participants... That's all, we can now close the doors of Sepang and open those of Magny-cours, good continuation at all ! 
By GOGO et Teet 
(statistics, interviews, translations, photos)