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Hotlaps Competition

Hongrie Hongrie

Time left: 0j 20h 59m


Name: Hungaroring
Checksums: f746645a


Date: 24/03 to 30/03/2008
Weather: wet (100)
Seed: 42811,25190,7
No physics
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Melborne : GP analysis

A propos de l'article

2008 has begun!
Photo © MiKL

Publié le thursday 24 january 2008
Auteur: Mickaël R. "MiKL"


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Melborne : GP analysis

Hi Everyone!  
This is the time of the analysis of the 1st GP of the season. Already, good performances and good battles in both the drivers championship and the team championship... :D 


Pole position : Mickaël R. "MiKL", 1'22.671 
Victory : Jorge Caranti "Jcaranti", 24'20.963 
2nd : Mickaël R. "MiKL", 24'21.869 (+ 0.906s)  
3rd : Vincent Thuillier "Vincent", 24'22.157 (+ 1.194)  
3 race leaders :  
- Vincent Thuillier "Vincent" : 10 laps (1-4, 8, 10-14) 
- Marc Lucio "Gusgus" : 4 laps (5-7, 9) 
- Jorge Caranti "Jcaranti" : 3 laps (15-17) 
Best race lap : Marc Lucio "Gusgus", 1'24.976 
The 3 most regular drivers (average gap) :  
1) Christophe Giusti "SpeedyGus" (0.404s) 
2) Jorge Caranti "Jcaranti" (0.452s) 
3) Mickaël R. "MiKL" (0.464s) 
Best S1 : Dany'ce "Crazy'F1", 28.300 
Best S2 : Marc Lucio "Gusgus", 26.682 
Best S3 : Vincent Thuillier "Vincent", 29.530 
Theoric perfect lap : 1'24.512 


N.B.: To watch correctly this image, save it on your hard drive, and watch it with something else than your internet browser.  


N.B.: To watch correctly this image, save it on your hard drive, and watch it with something else than your internet browser.  

Press conference


Jorge Caranti "Jcaranti", Winner and leader of the championship

How did you feel this race? Are you happy with the final result? 
Well to be honest i didnt know what to expect because i did my race early and the last 4 days i couldnt race because i was busy and i knew my race was far from perfect. 
What is your objective for the next events? 
My objective is to take it each event easily. I dont need to prove my self and i only want to enjoy of what i get. 
Cheers ;) 

Mickaël R. "MiKL", Pole-position and 2nd in race

How did you feel this race? Are you happy with the final result? 
Yes, I am very happy with it. And this is my 9th consecutive podiums! :D  
I was able to drive faster. In one of my tries, I did a 1'24.7xx bestlap, but I really found difficult to finish my races... (maybe because it was the 1st). So I slowed down... Maybe some seconds were to win... Anyway, good and regular race! Absolutely no regrets! :D 
This 1st GP is an opportunity for everyone to get his bearings. We don't know yet who will be our adversaries during the season, against who we will battle, or for which ranking! So, I am far from 4 points to Jorge. Happy! Congratulations to Jorge for this very nice race! ;) 
And in the team rankings, we take the lead! It is a good GP for us. 
What is your objective for the next events? 
We knew Jorge hor his hotlaps, a fast driver. But it was vague about his race performances. Now, we know! I think it is going to motivate everyone here to make progress... And I am sure that Vincent, Marc, Chris and the others, will motivate themselves also! So, the 1st objective will be to stay as close as possible to Jorge, and maybe try to overtake him sometimes... ;) 

Vincent Thuillier "Vincent", 3rd

How did you feel this race? Are you happy with the final result? 
Before I start racing, I was not really confident ! I've lot work for the qualifying and I was still behind. This track need lot and lot of spending time working very hard, and I've not really pushed so hard for the Race ! But at the Week-end, I was really concentrated, and I've finished a second race. This race was not perfect, but that was amazing to set a time with only two races ! 
So I'm really happy, and I hope I will go on in this way for others races ! 
What is your objective for the next events? 
My target is to stay not so far from MiKL and Jorge in qualifying. If I feel good during a Race, I can maybe make a good resultat ! Thibaut and me will make Twins GP a winner again ! At the moment, I can just hope podium at every races (that fine !), but not more ! I'll work to fix that ! 

Prize List of the CVGPi

Look at the Prize List of the CVGPi here:  
Some stats from this GP: 
- Jorge enters in the Prize Listof the CVGPi! 
- 1st victory for Jorge and GM OPC
- 1st best race lap for Marc and Team OPC,  
- Vincent about to become the 1st driver with 30 podiums in his career... 
- Record for Twins GP which reaches alone the 30 podiums! 


Thanks to all for this nice 1st race!  
See you in a few days in Austria, on A1-Ring, with your umbrellas... ;)