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Welcome on this website dedicated to Grand Prix 4. Our goal is to help you to configure your game. You can join us in our championship. How can I use Grand Prix 4? What are the championships? Now, these questions have an answer.
Hotlaps Competition

Italie Italie


Name: Vallelunga
Checksums: 61f4b7e4
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Date: 09/06 to 16/06/2008
Weather: dry
No physics
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Grand Prix M.S.S.


Time left: 0m 1j 13h 9m


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Name: Barcelone
Checksums: e80814ed
Code: 505
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Date: 16/06 to 16/06/2008
Weather: dry
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Date: 16/06 to 22/06/2008
Length: 100%
Weather: dry
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2008 MSS registration!

A propos de l'article

2008 MSS
Photo © MiKL

Publié le wednesday 16 april 2008
Auteur: Mickaël R. "MiKL"


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2008 MSS registration!

Already 3 years! Yes, 2008 will be the 3rd year of the MSS in the CVGPi league... Already! 


By MSS, understand "Monoplaces Super Sport".  
It is still a GP4-based championship, but using different cars and a different "physic" (different behavior and characteristics of the car). 
Each year, the rules of the MSS change, the physic as well.  

The Rules

You will find the 2008 MSS Rules on the website: 
These rules is based on the discussion we had all together at the end of the last year, like every year (Link). 
In comparison with the F1 championship we well know, the differences and news are: 
- A physic file...  
- A different race distance: 100%! Like in the F1 championship, you have as much tries as you want, but still with a session code ;) 
- No qualifies, only a week of race. For more details, see the rules... ;) 

The calendar

6 GPs

The tracks will be: 
1- Hockenheim 
2- Barcelone 
3- Pasargada 
4- Indianapolis 
5- Shanghai 
6- Silverstone 
Complete calendar here: /en/calendrier-2008-mss.php 

Joker Race

Because of the holidays, it may happen that some of you will not be able to race in 1 or 2 event(s) during the summer.  
In that case, we invite you to contact for that the verificators team. It will be possible for you to do a "joker race" in advance, with some requirements: 
- This "joker" can be used only twice per driver during the summer 
- This "joker race" has to be asked to the verificators team, who will give you a special session code.  
- You will have to do this "joker race" in the same time than the other drivers : during one week
- The "joker race" will have to be done in advance in comparison with the calendar 
- This "joker race" will be sent to the verificators at the end of your week race.  
- It is possible to do a "joker race" during a classical week of race.  

The used physic

For the moment, we don't know!!! lol 

The cars

Already, our designer Olivier "Reivilo" has started to work on different templates to be used during the 2008 season.  
The managers will have to choose which template thei will want to use and see with Olivier for the technical détails... 
1) Courage C65: 
2) Riley & Scott MK3 
3) LMP Taurus Lola 
4) Dyson Lola 
5) Audi LMP R8  

Prize List

Champion Drivers

2007: Dany'ce "CrazyF1" 
2006: Robert Debrusse "Robbyone" 

Champion Teams

2007: AMFsx 
2006: Bleu Esprit 

The registration has started

From now, we invite you to register in the 2008 MSS championship! 
This is the forum for the registrations: 
Team managers:  
- Come to register your 2008 MSS team on the forum. 
- Contact from now the MSS Teams Managers already registered to propose to them to drive for their teams... 

See you soon...