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Welcome on this website dedicated to Grand Prix 4. Our goal is to help you to configure your game. You can join us in our championship. How can I use Grand Prix 4? What are the championships? Now, these questions have an answer.
Hotlaps Competition

Italie Italie


Name: Vallelunga
Checksums: 61f4b7e4
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Date: 09/06 to 16/06/2008
Weather: dry
No physics
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Grand Prix M.S.S.


Time left: 0m 1j 8h 38m


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Name: Barcelone
Checksums: e80814ed
Code: 505
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Date: 16/06 to 16/06/2008
Weather: dry
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Date: 16/06 to 22/06/2008
Length: 100%
Weather: dry
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Grand Prix 3

Also known as GP3

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Basic configuration*

Processeur Intel Pentium III 450 Mhz
64 Mo de mémoire vive
Carte vidéo 3D
Lecteur CD
*Datas published by Microprose

Recommended configuration*

Processeur Intel Pentium III 600 Mhz
128 Mo de mémoire vive
Carte vidéo 3D
*Datas published by Microprose

Useful informations

Grand Prix 3 Game support: PC
Developer: Microprose
Editor: Hasbro Interactive
Distributor: Hasbro Interactive
This game is not published anymore.

French date of publication: 28/07/2000
American date of publication:
Belong to the series Grand Prix

Type of game: Course/Simulation
Theme: Formule 1

Playable in LAN


English description


The board of this game

23/04 ⇒Danica ... c'est fait
17/02 ⇒Nascar 2008 ............
06/01 ⇒Ma Voiture GP3 en 3D !
08/12 ⇒Mosport Park, Macau, Spa Francorchamps...
03/12 ⇒Indianapolis 500, c'est parti !
02/10 ⇒The RING en GP3, c'est maintenant !
14/09 ⇒GP3. Hotlap. Mexico City
02/09 ⇒Que devient le cvgp3i ?
22/08 ⇒Jacques Villeneuve fan de GP3 ?
18/08 ⇒Karthikeyan joue a GP3...