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Welcome on this website dedicated to Grand Prix 4. Our goal is to help you to configure your game. You can join us in our championship. How can I use Grand Prix 4? What are the championships? Now, these questions have an answer.
Grand Prix Formule 1

Brésil Brésil

Time left: 1j 20h 57m


Name: Jacarepagua
Checksums: bd8c4bfe
Code: 740
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Date: 31/03 to 06/04/2008
Weather: dry
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Date: 06/04 to 13/04/2008
Length: 30%
Weather: dry
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Membre de Click-FR®, Réseau francophone Paie-Par-Click

Profile of Stéphane Steph42 "steph42"

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Stéphane Steph42 "steph42"

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Details about this driver

Stéphane Steph42  DriverF1MSS

Other informations

Steering device:  Keyboard
Place of residence:  st etienne
Height:  180 cms
Weight:  59 kgs
Favorite F1 driver:  Senna
Favorite F1 team:  Renault
Microprocessor:  AMD Barton XP
Graphic card:  9550
Memory:  1024